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IGI ALAGBARA Institute of Ancestral Mysteries

Personalized Experiences and Directed Studies in Ancestral Mysteries and Customs

The Institute seeks to reconnect the wisdom of our ancestors by encouraging collaborative learning between teachers, shamans and students. Its goal is to help students connect with their inner teacher, awaken their ancestral memory and develop their spirituality.

Through its Igi Alagbara Foundation, the institute is also dedicated to preserving and disseminating ancestral traditions through personalized experiences and specialized studies.

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Reading of Oracles

Consult the chat without compromise so we can be able to guide you on choosing the oracle reading that best suits you, according to your situation, your question or your intuition.


Oracle of the Earth


Image by Andreas Wagner

Dream Oracle


Oracle Opple Agbigba

Image by Jackie Hope

Tarot Oracle

Image by Worshae

Ancestral spiritual consultation and diagnosis


Oracle Ti Afa

Image by Saiesh Ganji

Oracle of Fire

Image by Brynja Magnusson

Oracle of Water (Hydromancy)


C. Altos de Sta. Maria 239, San Miguelito, Panama Province, Panama

WhatsApp +50760696757

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