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Institute of Ancestral Mysteries

Initial Reading

We invite you to contact us to help you discover what type of Reading best suits your situation. Oracles are systems or tools that facilitate communication with divine or spiritual forces that reveal the future or destiny of people.  Each of them has its own logic, its own beauty and its own wisdom. We invite you to explore them with respect, curiosity and openness. They provide a source of inspiration, guidance and personal growth.


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Personalized Experiences

Personalized experiences in ancient mysteries and customs are an opportunity to actively participate in the rites and ceremonies that are part of these ancient wisdoms. These experiences allow you to come into contact with the divine or spiritual forces that govern the universe, as well as with your own inner being. Some of these experiences are:

  • Initiations, which are processes of transition and transformation that mark the passage from one stage of life to another, or entry into a community or spiritual tradition. Initiations involve a series of tests, teachings and blessings that prepare you to take on a new role or responsibility.

  • Cleansing, which are purification and healing rituals that eliminate negative or harmful energies that may affect your health, harmony or prosperity. Cleaning is done with natural elements such as water, fire, smoke, plants or minerals.

  • Protections, which are defense and protection rituals that give you security and confidence against threats or dangers that may arise on your path. Protections are made with symbolic objects such as amulets, talismans, seals or symbols.

  • Amulets, which are objects carried with them to attract good luck, love, success or any other benefit. Amulets can be natural, such as stones, seeds, feathers or shells, or artificial, such as coins, medals, figurines or jewels.



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Courses in Ancestral Mysteries and Customs

Ancestral mysteries and customs are the set of knowledge, practices and traditions that have been transmitted from generation to generation by indigenous peoples from different parts of the world. This knowledge covers aspects such as cosmology, spirituality, medicine, magic, divination, art, culture and history.

The courses on ancient mysteries and customs are an opportunity to approach these ancient wisdoms and learn from them with respect, humility and openness. The courses offer a general and comparative vision of the different ancestral traditions, as well as an in-depth look at some of them according to the interest and affinity of each student.

The courses are based on a theoretical-practical methodology that combines the presentation of content, performing exercises, participating in rituals, consulting oracles and contact with nature. The courses also encourage exchange and coexistence between students, creating a community of learners who support and enrich each other.

The ancient mysteries and customs courses are an invitation to discover, explore and experience the secrets and wonders contained in the traditions of our ancestors. They are a way to honor his memory, to connect with his essence and to integrate his legacy into our lives.



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Ancestral Classes

The specialized classes and reinforcements in mysteries and ancestral customs are an opportunity to expand and deepen the knowledge acquired in the basic courses, as well as to develop skills and competencies in their management and application. Classes are designed to meet the specific needs and interests of each student, according to their level, pace and learning style.

Classes are taught individually or in groups, depending on the student's preference, and have the support and guidance of teachers, shamans and experts who have dedicated their lives to the study and practice of ancient mysteries and customs. They share their experiences, knowledge and advice with students, guiding them in their own learning process and personal growth.

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